Friday, October 02, 2009

The Eighth Son

Octavius was the big winner in the poll, and Mr. Cachet and Julie King are each going to find a print of him in their mailboxes soon! Congratulations to you both - please email me your postal addresses, and I'll get them in the mail!



I added some gouache to the leaf on kraft paper - it wrinkled the paper a bit, but I love how the gouache takes to this paper - how it pops off that brown background and just sings. I hope you like it, too...


The boys and I are heading off to the Museum of Natural History now - we've been studying all about mammals, and we're going to spend some time in the hall of mammals, studying them up close and personally. We'll be carrying our sketchbooks with us, so I'm hopeful that we'll manage a drawing or two. It's so much easier than drawing at the zoo...I can't ever get the lions to stand quite that still...