Monday, February 27, 2006

Let the pinking continue...

Lips - a recent EDM challenge. I'll have to go back and look up which one. I did these -in pink- using just a water brush and pink watercolor - I wanted to see what I could accomplish without pre-drawing, as I usually do. It turned out better than I had hoped for! (Especially the top one). The rest of the images here are just more doodles in the pink book, working without a roadmap of pen...

Tomorrow is the last pink day - I really hope to have something to post, but if I don't, well...I don't. :-) March will roar in like an orange lion - ready to devour some paper...Now that Linda has shared about the liquid watercolors, I may have to investigate the oranges... I've already purchased my orange Tombow pens - trying to plan ahead a little...

For those of you following along - I'll make sure the mango chairs are the first March post - we'll start off with a bang.

Man, are they ever orange... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 23, 2006

How much pink...

...can a pink pen ink...

Pink pen with pink watercolor (plus a little orange as a preview for March)...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sketchbook pink

I had one of those rare days about a week ago where I dropped the boys off at school and really had absolutely nothing pressing to do. So I went home and turned on the TV, got in my favorite recliner, and watched some nonsense on the tube. I didn't last long before I grabbed my Moleskine and started sketching. I tried to see if I could capture the essence of some people in the few minutes I could see them. This is what I came up with:

New baseball hats for the boys. We went to a Tennessee basketball game, and they wanted to fit in. As an Alabama alum, it pained me to purchase these hats. Luckily, they were on sale. I decided to sketch them for my pink book, just so I wouldn't have to use orange...I actually love orange - one of my very favorites - but spend some time in Knoxville, and you'll see what I mean. Okay - I just decided...March is going to be orange month. I'm going try to overcome my Vol orange overload...

A hibiscus in pink, red and orange. This was for the WDE last weekend, although I never did post it on WetCanvas. No reason why - just forgot, I guess. Oops. I really am enjoying these watersoluble crayons. They are a lot of fun to play with.

Another WDE item. This cat reminded me of our dear departed Shmoo kitty - gone now about 3 or so years. I's not pink, but oh well - sometimes I find it hard to follow the rules. Even my own.Happy sketching everyone!

Oh - by the way - any of you that remember the mango chairs in one of my posts this month - I'm heading down to Birmingham this weekend to pick them up...talked the store owner down to a reasonable amount -

Just in time for Mango March Madness...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Keeping the tradition alive... and science, that is. DH is an engineer, I am a geologist (technically - not practicing :0) and artist - and DS #1 is following in our combined footsteps. This is his take on one of the Apollo mission command service modules. He's doing a project for school and we found this a picture - he drew it by looking at it!! I'm so excited!! He added in all the little details and everything. So - here it is - the Command Service Module, by Derek, age 6...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Card #4

My 4th card arrived safely in Liverpool, England!

I have two more done, and will mail them out soon - I'm trying to mail them out in bundles, so I don't make quite so many trips to the post office!!

EDM #13 - Draw your Telephone

I got a new cell phone the other day - one I've been wanting for a while - so I thought I would use it for the Everyday Matters challenge #13. I'm still in my pink mode - so it worked out perfectly - the actual phone is pink!!
I also completed a Weekend Drawing event this week - my first one in ages. All four of these images were done in my 9x12 sketchbook with ink and watersoluble crayons.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

More From the Pink Book

More pink sketches. Still fairly basic - just sketching, hatching, etc. Haven't tried really hard to get any real shading done, except in the chair sketch. All of these are done with a Tombow fineline marker, some with the brush end, on shadows, etc.
It does make me feel a little conspicuous in public though - hard to hide all that bright pink! I went to a meeting Monday night at my kids' school, and we had to check if we were interested in particular classes - supposedly anonymous. Mine was the only bright pink mark - so I think everyone knew that I would like a class on disciplining the 5-10 year old set.
This is a sketch of our 20 year old, 6 pound cat, Pugsley. She's not 6 pounds because she's 20 years old. She's always been that size. She eats like a horse and drinks a ton of water and will probably outlive me.
In bed sketches. Everyone was sleeping except for me. That happens a lot around here.
And one very wonky marble. But - I like it. It's very pink.

Card #3

...arrived in Washington, DC...

Elephant, 5x7 acrylic paint and pen & ink

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Postcard Exchange

I'm participating in an art postcard exchange, sponsored by the folks over at WetCanvas! . 25 members signed up and agreed to exchange postcards - so I have to create 24 postcard sized (5x7 for me) works of art to mail to the other participating artists over the next year. I've received 4 so far, and my first 2 were received today! Here they are - both in acrylic ink.

Fire Kitty. If you've been following along, you may have seen something similar. Same reference - different crop. This card ended up in Bozeman, Montana.

Yellow Rose. This one is in Avis, Pennylvania.

I've sent out two more, and haven't heard if they've arrived or not. One went to Washington, DC (so I expect to hear very soon) and the other to Liverpool, England (so I don't expect to hear very soon!)

I'm still working on my pinks - I'll update tomorrow, I hope!!

Friday, February 03, 2006

It's February - Think Pink!

Having been inspired by Laura, and all her many colors over the last year, I decided to give over a month to one color and investigate all it's many gradations. I have decided to start with my favorite - PINK. In particular, I am totally in love with dark shades of the color - my quinacridone magenta paint tube is constantly running out. Can't get enough of it! So - here's the beginning...
On a resolution update - I have been doing a little sketching in public. I was out at Big Ed's Pizza in Oak Ridge and managed to sneak in a couple of sketches of the (very 70s) decor. And - Linda and I met (hi Linda!) at a local coffee shop to do some discreet sketches. We did, however, talk a whole lot more than we sketched, and so I really have nothing to show from our efforts. But - there is hope for our next adventure!