Monday, October 19, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

This is what Oscar looks like in a non-blind-contour drawing. I did both this drawing, and the one I posted for Blind Contour Friday on the same evening. It never fails to amaze me how warming up with a blind contour drawing can so dramatically assist in a drawing like this - and the comparison is always so much fun.

There is still plenty of time to participate in the Blind Contour Friday challenge - or you can start planning for this coming Friday and play along then!


Rumor has it that the sun is going to make an appearance today...I'm very hopeful that it will, indeed. The rain of the past week has sapped my energy and made me want to hibernate for the next few months and I'm just not really ready for that, yet.

If it does come out, I have a feeling that our reading will be taking place in a sunny patch at the park, rather than in the schoolroom...

Fingers crossed....