Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dissatisfaction is the Mother of Progress

Pine and Bokeh

I have a problem. It's a terrible thing, and I'm only going to talk about it here in the hopes that it might help some of my faithful readers. I don't want you to suffer as I have suffered. I don't want you to feel the pain that I have felt.

See. Here's the thing. I'm never happy with the stuff I have. It doesn't matter what it is...there's always something better out there. My latest obsession has been with cameras and lenses.

About three years ago, I got my first DSLR camera - an Olympus E-500. I'd had an Olympus digital camera that was fatally injured in a terrible accident, so I was very comfortable with the brand. At first, I loved the new camera. Everything was rosy and fine.

Then I saw this. And my heart leapt with joy. For this...THIS was all I really needed to make my life complete. Yes! It's the answer to everything! A new, bigger, better, faster camera!

The only real problem? Uhhh. The $900 price tag just for the body.


SO. I started thinking. Maybe I haven't really squeezed everything I can out of my Olympus. Perhaps my dissatisfaction is not a hardware issue, but a problem with the user. So I've been doing a lot of reading. And reading and then I read some stuff.

Then I stopped switching out lenses and decided that I was going to use just one lens for at least a month straight, and really figure out how to make the best pictures I possible could with just that one lens.

And you know what? Somehow that sweet Nikon doesn't seem quite so necessary anymore...

(although i think I'll leave it on my Christmas list)