Monday, October 26, 2009

Bird Brain

Mockingbird Skull

It's Monday.

Nuff said.
There's still time to play along with the blind contour drawings - they are so much fun, people - even if you don't draw, you should try it - you'll be amazed at how clearly you begin to see shapes and silhouettes and the ins and outs of things. Scrap paper, napkins, the Sunday paper - doesn't matter what you use - just grab a pen, an object to draw and get at it...then link it up for us! Go to the Friday post to see what to do.

Did you know it's almost Halloween? Where the heck to does the time go? I've been busy knitting in preparation.

Knitting for Halloween?


Something I've never knitted before, although I hope to make two this week.

If it works, I'll show you a picture.

If it doesn't.


You'll just have to deal with the disappointment.

I went to the eye doctor today. It was interesting. I'm very near-sighted.

But I'm over 40, so I'm starting to get a little far-sighted.

And they are canceling each other out.

So my vision is improving.

I'm like Benjamin Button.

Have a great week, peeps...