Monday, July 30, 2007

When the boys are away...

the mom plays...
I haven't painted all Summer...yes, that's right...ALL SUMMER!! I've sketched and I've been to drawing class, but I've not picked up a paintbrush since May. So - this week, while the boys are up to some Abderian Adventures, I thought I'd play a little to loosen up and get back into the painting frame of mind. I started this with a photograph I took last May of a giant pink thistle blossom. I printed the photo out onto regular paper and cut out the blossom (yep... all those little tiny petals...) Then I coated my teeny canvas (5" square) with a layer of fake encaustic - made from Golden regular gel (matte) and a couple of drops of paint, which also served as glue for the image. (check out Acrylic Revolution for the details - you can find it at Amazon) After that dried, I layered some more "encaustic" on it and waited for it to dry. Then, I painted on top of all of that, added the text, waited for it to dry and added one last layer of matte gel. Voila...I've now painted something. Whew. I was getting worried...
The image in scale with a roll of masking tape...
Thistle with scale
And all cropped and pretty...I can just see a row of these somewhere...can't you?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Happy (belated) Blogday to Me!

I totally missed my 2 year mark. It was last Thursday. I'd write something fabulous and witty, but I'm still worn out from the conversation chronicled below.

2 years and counting...thanks to all of those who stop by on a regular basis and keep my spirits're all wonderful!

Another Fine Example of Patient Parenting...

P7123437...or why mommies need a summer vacation...

NOTE: This conversation actually happened...only moments ago. I'm exhausted.

Me: "While we are here, boys, let's take a quick look at something."

D (he's 7 1/2, btw): "But Mom, I thought you said we were not going to get school supplies today."

Me: "Yes, I did say that, but I just want to see if there are some other options for the giant binders you guys try to lug around. You have smaller backpacks this year, and I want to see if I can find something that will still serve the purpose, but fit in the backpack more easily."

D: "Oh. How about this one? (He holds up a type of binder exactly like the one he has, only larger and with a zipper.)"

"No, Honey. That's the same size as the one you have, and we need something smaller. Here's one that has possibilities...What do you think of it?"

"Hmmm. I like the one with the zipper. It's green. I like green."

"I know you do, sweetie, but it's really much too large to fit into your backpack. This other type comes in green though. Maybe we should give it a try?"

(interjection by younger son - "Cool - can I have a red one?" "Sure - red - good job.")

D: "What other colors does it come in?"

Me: "Red, black, blue, dark blue and green."

"But J already has red."

"You can have red, too."

"I want black."

"Okay. Let's get these and go."

"What about the one with the zipper? Can we try it out, too?"

"No. I told you. It's too large. Put it back."

"Trace has one, and it fits in his backpack."

"I. Don't. Care. What. Trace. Has. Put. It. Back."

"How about this one - it doesn't have a zipper. Can we try it out, too?"

"AAAARRRGGGHHH. Forget it. We're not getting ANYthing today. Just like I said earlier."

"Oh. Okay. But when we come back, can I have one with a zipper?"


...thanks, Mom. The boys are looking forward to coming to see you and Dad...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

More Life Drawing

I missed last week to go visit Mo in T-Town (and had a blast, by the way), so I was feeling quite rusty from NO drawing WHATSOEVER. I've been playing my new Ovation guitar and breaking in my fingers to new ultra light strings (I have no feeling in the tips of the fingers on my left hand...)
ANYhow...we started with 1 minute gestures with our lovely model - she was very graceful and at ease...unlike me...sigh. I used an oil cray-pas for these gestures - just trying to do something new - maybe I should have brought the bona-fide Crayolas, instead.
I think this is a 30 minute pose, again with the cray-pas. I really struggled with proportion in this drawing. The upper body, about to the elbows, is fine and I'm very satisfied with the face. The rest of it, however was torment. DANG. hands, feet, elbows, knees, fore-shortening...DANG.
Another 30 minute pose. This time in my favorite medium for these sessions - 8b pencil. Of all the drawings today, I'm happiest about this one, even though I erased and erased and erased the hands. The proportions are good, I like the composition, the pose was great and the likeness is really spot-on. Whew - this made me happy. The last, long pose should be a breeze, right?
Or maybe not...geez Louise. What a travesty. I hated everything about this one. Hated the pose - couldn't find anywhere else to go that it got any better. Hated the hat and the drapey pashmina type thing they put on her that covered up her lovely shoulders - I mean, come on - we can't do nudes - I understand that - but do we have to put even more clothing on them? Maybe they could wear clothes that skim the body MORE instead of draping them in blankets. Ha! Okay - back to what I couldn't do, instead...I had an entire hour for this one and still couldn't manage to get even one of her hands to look like a hand. What on earth is up with that? I can make her FACE look like her (and specifically her - not just any random human being) but I can't make her hands look even remotely like a human hand.
I guess I know what I'll be drawing lots of this week...any volunteers out there for hand models?

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Portrait and Figure Drawing Class

My first class started today at the Fountain City Art Center. It was alot of fun. It was less intimidating than I thought it would be. Everyone was very nice and friendly. Our model didn't show up, so the instructor stepped in to model instead. It's a very open space, with a park next door, so the models are clothed...

We started off with some gestures - big and bold - 2 minutes charcoal



And then moved on to longer poses - 15-30 minutes each...pencil and charcoal




Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I'm on Moleskinerie!

My WetCanvas article has been excerpted for Moleskinerie!! If you like Moleskine notebooks like I do, this is a GREAT honor! Thanks Linda, for recommending me to Armand - I was very happily surprised to get his excerption request!