Thursday, February 11, 2010

You Mean We're Allowed to Leave?


Guess what?

We left the house today! It's true! Even Dr. SmartyPants went outside! (the weather shut down the think tank...he's been thinking from home since Monday...) We even found a few cleared sidewalks, so that we could go somewhere.

We started out with the intention of heading to the Starbucks on the corner to get a coffee, but it was so great to be out and about, we headed down the road to a shopping center with a Starbucks in the Barnes & Noble bookstore. The boys had a blast, climbing over the huge piles of snow left behind by plows, and jumping into fresh, untrodden patches of snow in the FDIC courtyard.

A couple of hot chocolates, coffees and cupcakes later, we were sitting at a table in the bookstore, talking about The Beatles books on display, when a man walked down an aisle following his grey tabby on a retractable leash.

Yep. There was a man walking his cat inside the Barnes & Noble.

Shockingly enough, the cat was FREAKING OUT. It was low to the ground, ears flat against its head, hair standing up on end. It rounded a corner and slipped out of its collar, while the man tried to avoid being slapped upside the head by the retracting leash.

He chased the kitty around a couple of plinths, finally crying out to his wife, "A little help, Jill?" She gave him an exasperated look and finally helped herd the cat back to her husband. A few moments later, I saw her carrying the cat, while her husband trotted along behind her, with the soft-sided cat carrier. About that time I picked up my purse to get out my phone so I could tweet that nonsense, and Cat-Boy walked over, still holding the cat carrier, to ask if they could have our table.

Now. We weren't leaving, but even if we were, I mean...really? You're going to sit inside an eating establishment with your cat? With its little litter-digging paws?

Um. Eeewww.