Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Six Days to March

Junior and Senior Smarties

The Smarty got home last night, after a week (a L O N G week) away. He travels quite a bit, but rarely for more than a night or two, so this trip was a bit of a doozy, especially when he was originally scheduled to be back on Friday.

So, we were standing in the kitchen while I cooked supper, talking about everything he missed while he was gone, when I related a story to him about Smarty Junior, up there in the picture. Anyone who knows us, and knows Derek, knows that he's a unique individual...we like to call him "quirky"...and that he often exists only in his own private world. It's part of what makes him so sweet, honestly - but it can also make you a little crazy sometimes.

The story I was relating to Senior Smarty was this: while we were working on spelling words, I asked Derek to spell "moment." He looked up from his notebook, pencil in hand, and said...

"Remember when my tooth fell out all by itself and it didn't even bleed or anything? That was so weird."

*blink* *blink*

I don't know. Maybe he was thinking about significant moments in his life? How we wondered for a moment if he had swallowed the tooth? If the tooth fairy had hovered for a moment before leaving his dollar?

I just stared at him for a moment, and caught his eye. He shook his head and said, "that had nothing to do with spelling moment, sorry. M-O-M-E-N-T."

So, anyway - Smarty and I were laughing about it in the kitchen, wondering where he gets that spacey head of his, and all that. We got supper ready and sat down at the dining room table together for the first time in a week...SO nice.

Interjection:  I'm not a great cook. I do okay, but am constantly frustrated at my inability to cook a nice, juicy chicken breast...ALWAYS turns out dry. We'll now return to the story at hand. The very long story at hand. Please accept my apologies.

We're talking and eating and laughing, when I remark that the chicken was pretty good - not too dry and wow, I'm so glad. I get some mhmms from the boys, and then Dr. SmartyPants says,

"Man, my eustachion tubes are standing wide open from being on that airplane."

*blink* *blink*

Derek: "Dad! That has absolutely nothing to do with Mom's chicken!"

And so we come full circle...
Six things I love about my family:

  1. We laugh. A lot. At each other.
  2. We all fit on one couch.
  3. Did I mention the laughing?
  4. Creativity is a prerequisite to any activity.
  5. Snuggling is, too.
  6. They tell me my cooking is fantastic. Except when it isn't. And then they tell me they just weren't very hungry.