Monday, February 15, 2010

Stir Crazy - It's the New Black

The View

Oh, mah people. It's snowing.


Maybe you've seen the news. Maybe you've seen how well our nation's capital handles such crises. Maybe you've seen the gridlock and the extreme, intense irritation of the folks in these here parts.

Yeah. It's not been good.

Our street still hasn't been plowed. There are few parking spots due to the piles of snow that people have made whilst digging their own cars out. Our next door neighbors broke our snow shovel, and can't find a replacement. The trash and recycling is piling up along with the snow.

And it is snowing.


Okay. Time for a new random list of happy things...

  1. Apolo Anton Ohno. And his soul patch. Could he be any cuter?
  2. The Olympics in general. I love 'em. I suddenly become this rabid sports fan for two weeks and just can't get enough. After those two weeks are over...there's a four-year lull in my winter sport cheering.
  3. Flickr. I mean seriously - do you ever just go wandering about over there? There are some seriously talented people sharing photos. Go - explore - have fun. Then come back over here and tell me what amazing things you found.
  4. Raikki and Chico are sleeping together. Wait. That sounds bad. I mean that they are crating together. It's a small sign of acceptance by Sir Grumplestiltskin, but it's a sign, nonetheless. We were stunned, surprised and delighted when we headed out to the store this weekend, and Chico ran and got into Raikki's crate before we could shut the door. Up until then, ever since Oscar died, Chico has had a bad case of separation anxiety. Now he's got a buddy. Things are balanced once again.
  5. Google Buzz. Just got it. Interested. Always happy to find another way to procrastinate and/or waste time. Thanks Google!
  6. Blogging. Keeps the whirlygig brain from exploding on days when I can't go outside and play. Like, say...FEBRUARY.
  7. c' least one more thing...surely there's something...Dove chocolates...YES! Not good for the hips, but certainly good for the soul.
Alright, peeps. I'm signing off. Time to turn on the Olympics and see if I can catch a glimpse of the soul patch...