Saturday, February 13, 2010


Circa 1975

See that jacket? The one that looks like it stepped off a 1975 ski slope?

It looks like that because it stepped off a 1975 ski slope.

This one, and its twin that D has been wearing, belonged to Dr. SmartyPants and his older brother way back when. They (the jackets, not the brothers) are Sears and Roebuck classics, customized with Ferrari and Datsun and Alfa Romeo patches. Yes...Datsun. Not Nissan. DATsun.

My sweet mother-in-law pulled them out back at Thanksgiving to see if they would fit this next generation of close-in-age Ott brothers, and they were an instant hit. Everywhere we go, people ask about them - no one else has anything like it, and everybody loves the story behind them.

It almost makes me rethink my need to purge everything from my home on a twice-yearly basis...