Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chew Toy


No, not the bouncy ball...that cute little puppy would make an excellent chew toy for Raikki.

Oh, I'm just kidding. Don't be so serious.

He'd never chew on something so fuzzy.

The photo I used for this drawing was on the Flickr blog, and while I don't usually draw other people's pictures, I couldn't resist this cute pup. I figured it was just going into my sketchbook, so it wouldn't be too great an infringement, right? All credit to Flickr user shinichiro...

I was just so stinkin' glad to actually draw something again, I had to share it here.
I mentioned a time or three that during the great Snowmageddon of 2010 I was working on a papier mache project, right?

Well, that was slightly derailed by Dr. SmartyPants moving his section of the think tank into my office and taking over my table. But...he's back in Thinkville for the week, so I've got tons of space to spread out and spread glue. Maybe I'll have it finished before he comes back. My main problem is one of deciding exactly how to finish it up....I'm in need of a little burst of inspiration.

Unfortunately, my inspiration is still covered in snow.

Which should melt sometime around April, I think.

I guess I could always take a blowtorch to it.