Monday, February 08, 2010



Just so you don't forget about the other "sweet" pup in the Ottwork compound...

By the way... 7 year old chihuahua + 12 week old boxer = very grumpy chihuahua.


We're digging out here - literally. Our vehicle is technically freed of snow, although we haven't ventured out in it yet - we'll have to go out today and brave the icy streets - we're almost out of milk and dog food. Our local supermarket doesn't carry the dog food we need, so we'll be four wheeling it - in our 4WD.

We also have to stock up on food for the next few days.


Whew. Sorry. Had a little breakdown there. Another storm is heading our direction and threatens another six TEN TO TWENTY inches of snow on our poor little hacienda.


**deep breathing exercise**


  1. Knitting is going well. It would go more smoothly if I could actually count.
  2. My little papier mache project is coming along well. I'm excited about it, but not ready to show it yet. I'm still trying to decide the next step of it...
  3. The Smarty's office was closed today so he's working from home. That means I can make him drive to the store. I've made it this long without driving in snow. I really don't intend to start now.
  4. I've now seen every single James Bond film ever made. This week. Over and over and over. This may not be a positive.
  5. Factor trees. It's things like this that make homeschooling worthwhile for me. 
  6. I got a nice little feature here.
  7. My kitchen floor was squeaky clean for about 5 minutes right after I got on my hands and knees and scrubbed it. And for those 5 minutes, I kept dropping food and picking it up and putting it in my mouth. Just because I could.
  8. quirk. Linda and I are having too much fun over there, and I've been so delighted to see some of you following it. Thank you for the warm reception. 

Okay, peeps. Stay warm. Hug the ones you love. Spread some cheer.