Friday, February 19, 2010



We're sitting at the dining room table and I spy this big fella on a branch outside. I grab my camera and run out back to sneak a few shots before he spies me and takes off. When I zoom in, I notice the squirrel, sitting complacently above him - inches away from a large carnivore.

Cheeky little monkey, er, squirrel.

I think it's a Red-shouldered Hawk? Anyone know? You can't see it in this picture, but the underside of his tail is white with black (or dark-colored) banding. Here's a shot from the dining room window, through the power lines, but it shows the tail, too... The call it made as it flew away was more similar to a Broad-winged Hawk, which it also resembles, but they shouldn't be here right now...they should be down in South America.

Help a homeschooling mama out, peeps...

Needless to say, spelling words were swiftly (albeit temporarily) forgotten while we admired this gorgeous creature, talked about his (her?) beak and talons and speculated why the squirrel above was So. Very. Still.

It launched itself from the branch and soared overhead for a few turns, called out in its curiously tremulous voice and sailed out of sight.


Okay, class. Spell...tremulous...

"T - R - E...Wait a minute! That wasn't on the list!"

Cheeky little monkeys, er, uh, yeah - monkeys.