Monday, October 13, 2008

What's My Pearpose?

Okay, I know I'm stretching it a bit with these "pear" titles, but a girl has to have a little fun somewhere, doesn't she?

Pear 3

I beat this pear into submission after it went horribly wrong a few days ago. My brand new Jerry's supplies were just what I needed to make it work, I guess. I'm not as pleased with this one as I am with the last two. This is the perfect demonstration of why I've never successfully worked in a series. I do a couple and things go well and then all of the sudden - BLAM - something terrible happens and I'm no longer able to make the paint go where I want it to go.

I'm very pleased with this one in one way - I didn't let it grind the whole process to a halt. Maybe the point of doing a series is to work through some things and find a new way of seeing what it is you are painting/drawing/sculpting/photographing. Hmmmmm.

It's interesting. I'm kind of looking forward to seeing where the next 6 pears take me on this little painty journey.

But I need some new titles. Maybe I'll waste invest some time browsing through my thesaurus.

Or I could vacuum.