Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Brother, Can You Sparrow Dime?

I'm taking Toni and Teri's word for it - that it's a sparrow.  Not sure about the white-crowned or throated part, as it seemed to have neither a white-crown, nor a white throat, but what do I know?  (that would be nothing...)

In any case, they are fun to draw and I like birdy eyes a LOT.  So perfectly beady, don't you know?

I'm off to pack up the camper for another trip.  We're headed back to the Cherokee National Forest for another long weekend.  We're creatures of habit after all - we're even staying in our favorite camp site.  It feels secluded and far away from other campers, somehow. 

And we don't like people. 

I mean in our personal space.  You understand.

When we get back, I'll have to MacGyver some Halloween costumes for the guys.  I hate store bought costumes, and of course - they love them...SO, I'll be spending the week with duct tape and baling wire trying to construct the perfect Speed Racer and Racer X costumes out of whatever we have lying around the house.

Wish Me Luck.

And Ai sent along a notice that the next World Wide SketchCrawl is coming up in a few days.  Click the link and see how you can participate - either with a group or on your own! 

It would be a great last push to finish out Artober!