Monday, October 06, 2008


Doodlebug - ish

What can I say. He has his father's nose. I tried and tried and kept making it worse, so I just erased most everything and left the line drawing. It is what it is. Tomorrow will be another day.

And hey - I don't know if you've noticed, but there's a new boost Diahn's ego button over on the right...feel free to follow me and make my sidebar look nice and full. I never got to be one of the popular kids in high school.

Oh, and go check out all the Artober participants in the sidebar as well - they're having fun and making art! Join us anytime - no need to try to catch up! Just be sure to link here and leave a comment so I can add you to the list! And if you are playing and I don't have you listed, please let me know!

Happy drawing!

edited to note: I've been re-reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy and OMG, I think I made him into a hobbit...looks a bit like Samwise Gamgee to me. (But only because he's my favorite hobbit. I know - Frodo - but he never would have made it without his Sam.)