Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Bird in the Moleskine

Bird in Colored Pencil, originally uploaded by diahn.

is worth two in the bush, no?

Dr. SmartyPants walked in just as I started this post, so I'll keep it short. We're off to pick up the camper so we can get it ready to leave on Thursday.

I picked up some cheap colored pencils at Border's bookstore today, because I really liked the tin they came in. I used one in the Japanese Moleskine and loved the way it turned out. My scanner, on the other hand, HATED it.

This little birdy came around begging for scraps the other day - I took some photos of it - I'm not an adept bird-sketcher, so I have to use tools! Maybe Toni can tell me what kind of little birdy it is...