Friday, August 01, 2008

Camping Out

You many thousands of readers three readers know that we like camping in this family. It's fun - we get to go outside and enjoy the fresh clean air, etc...

Well - when I was a kid, my family went camping too. We had an old green canvas tent. I guess it was probably new then, huh? We'd go and set up and cook out and have a grand time. Well. I think maybe my mom set up and the rest of us had a grand time. See - here she is getting everything in order. That's our VEGA in the background. It was YELLOW. And a VEGA.

Look how nice everything is.  Stove ready for coffee.  Chairs arranged so you can talk AND enjoy the scenery.  Water thermos ready and waiting for thirsty children.  Nice vinyl tablecloth. 

 Meanwhile - my brother and I are off skipping rocks on the lake and my dad is snapping pictures and probably demonstrating his "indian magic" on the fire (that would be throwing a cup of white fuel on it when no one was paying attention) and regaling the other dads with his stories.

Which is why my mom looks like this:

(isn't she DARling?)