Thursday, July 31, 2008


Do you have a lot of pictures of yourself at younger ages? I'm fortunate in that respect. As a matter of fact, I have pictures of a lot of people in my possession because I convinced my mother that I could take better care of them than she could because I was a SCRAPBOOKER and she was not. I haven't worked on a scrapbook in three years and the pictures are currently residing in non-acid-free boxes in a closet, exactly like they were in my mom's house. Aren't you all proud?

In any case, it is quite painful fun to go back and look at some of those pictures from the last 40 years. I started out this life as a pretty cute kid, then 1980 showed up and well...some of you were there. You KNOW. I may have to pull some of those pictures out just for kicks, but let's just concentrate on the 1970s for now. MUCH better decade for me. I was blonde without having to pay for it. And my only make up needs were a shmear or two of peanut butter and jelly.

I had my own personal seamstress who kept me clothed in the most delightful dresses. Did I mention that I didn't have to pay for that blonde hair? I'm pretty sure that besides the bangs, it was uncut, too. Strangely enough - I think that's the same haircut I had last fall.

My mom made me this awesome birthday cake for my 8th birthday. I was the envy of the neighborhood girls. Of course, they were all especially envious of my blonde hair. That I got for FREE. (Can you tell I went to the salon over the weekend?)

Of course, even the 1970s had their ups and downs. My school evidently had a "Dress as the Biggest Dork" day. I think I won.