Saturday, August 16, 2008

Shows What I Know.

Ooooohhhh - I'm just so wise in my almost 40 year old state.  Or not.  

Today, D came running into the house all excited because he and the Junebug and their bestest friend that lives next door, B., were going to set up a LEMONADE STAND.  They needed a pitcher and some plastic cups and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEPLEASE???!!  B.'s dad had apparently already said okay.

"Well," I said.  "I guess so, but don't expect much guys.  It's already 4:00 in the afternoon and you realize we live at the end of the last cul-de-sac in our neighborhood.  We aren't exactly on the main drag.  Traffic could be an issue."

"We know - we've got a plan!!!!!" they tell me.  It seems D has figured out that all they need to do is station two of them at the bottom of the hill to wave and shout and point a sign up the hill into the cul-de-sac where delightfully refreshing cups of lemonade would be waiting.  

For only $5 a cup.

"Whoa, fellas.  $5 a cup?  That's a little steep, don't you think?"

"What?  Okay - maybe 2 bucks?  3 bucks?" Says the Junebug in a very wiseguy kind of voice.  I don't know where those come from, but he's sounded like he's from New Jersey most of his talking life.

"Maybe 50 cents, bud."


So a table was found, a sign was created.  Lemonade was stirred.  Assignments were made.  D took the first shift at the table, while the Junebug and B. headed down on their bikes to point customers up the hill.

Lemonade Stand

Dr. SmartyPants and I each bought a cup.  Another neighbor bought 4 cups for his family as they were leaving.  Our neighbor Monica bought a cup and got a half-price refill.  A family walked up from down the hill.

Lemonade Stand

Shifts changed.  A new pitcher was made.

Lemonade Stand

And one lady bought a cup.  Paid with $5.

Lemonade Stand

And told them to keep the change.

I love our neighborhood.