Monday, August 11, 2008

The Junebug

We've thought long and hard about this, and we've decided to rename J.  From now on, at least in terms of this blog, he shall be known as "Junebug."  We're still working on a better name for D.  I'll let you know when we decide.

In any case...Junebug had a traumatic day today.  Let me preface.  When the boys went for their cleaning about 6 weeks ago, I had the dentist  x-ray Junebug's teeth to make sure everything was there.  He's almost 7 and he hadn't lost any, and none were even slightly loose.  They did, and everything seemed to be in place - it was hard to tell with the front teeth, because they were starting to drop into place and it washed out everything else, but they assured me that was normal (and it is.)

About 5 weeks ago, I was checking Junebug's brushing prowess and noticed some little white bumps coming up in the gums behind his lower front incisors.  Yep - those bad boys were coming in.  I gave the baby teeth a wiggle...Nada.  I called the dentist office and they said to wait 4 weeks or so, because that's not uncommon and the babies would probably get really loose, really fast and come out.

Or not.  Not even wiggly.  Not even almost imperceptibly wiggly.  So.  We went in this morning to have them seen about and the dentist decided they needed to come out.  Off he bravely went - to the chair and the fireman's mask (he even got to wear the fireman hat) and the lovely gas that makes you not care if people are ripping bones out of your head.  Half an hour later, he walked out with a dazed, stoned look on his face and it was all over.


Look at those roots!  The tooth fairy may have to take out a 2nd mortgage.  Do you know what the orthodontist is going to do with this kid?  Ay-yai-yai.

This has nothing to do with me turning 40.  See how much I've grown?   It's not all about me. I didn't even mention that I went to the orthodontist before I took him to the dentist and he tightened up my teeth until my eyeballs are popping out of my head.  Yay me!  (clap clap)