Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Once Upon a Time...

IMG_0004, originally uploaded by diahn.

There was beautiful princess who got everything she wanted. She had long flowing blonde hair (that she didn't have to pay for), big blue eyes and a luxurious castle in which to live. If she wanted a piano, all she had to do was say, "I want a piano, please" (because it's very important to be polite, even if you are a beautiful princess) and POOF! A piano appeared in the background with a strange step stool like chair thing in front of it which was covered in newspaper.

If she wanted a set of rattan chairs...POOF! A set of rattan chairs. Like that - you see.

One day she decided she wanted a black cat. So she asked, very politely of course, for one. POOF! Coral, the magical black tomcat appeared in her arms and she loved him very much. Things were wonderful in the rattan kingdom for the beautiful princess until at last the magical black tomcat transcended this world and left her behind.

Then the beautiful princess asked very politely for another magical black tomcat, but instead she got a mullet.


The end.