Friday, November 30, 2007


IMG_0001, originally uploaded by diahn.

On November 30, 1962, this lovely woman married a tall Air Force airman and began a journey that would take them across two continents, a small island in the South Pacific, and six states.

Three children, five grandchildren and one great-grandson later they are still going strong. They're trying retirement on for size and starting to plan where they want to go next. They've inspired many people with their devotion to God, family and country; with their pioneering spirit that has led them to do things like build their own house (and I do mean literally - other than foundation and roof) on 20 acres of land in what used to be the middle of nowhere, and fly planes across the country and the world (she was the first woman to solo a plane at the Aero Club in Guam).

They taught their children, by example, what exactly a work ethic is by working hard every single day, and taught them how to always take the high road, no matter what someone else is doing. They taught them that honesty really IS the best policy by being scrupulously honest in every single thing.

So, Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad. I wish I had a picture of Dad to post here, as well, but all I could find was one from his Zorba the Greek days. I love you both very much.

And Mom - you are as beautiful now as you were in this photograph...