Sunday, November 25, 2007

In Case

IMG_0005, originally uploaded by diahn.

Just in case you thought I forgot how to draw...

On Thanksgiving afternoon - post-turkey, I sketched this sailfish that hangs on the wall at my in-law's house. The whole family was gathered in the den watching "Miracle on 34th Street" and talking, and I sat and drew the fish. My MIL snagged this fish on a trip to Mexico many years ago. It's probably as big as she is, and I know it took her a very long time to reel in.

Now it hangs on a wall in Alabama, in a room filled with mementos of trips - other fish, two rams that my husband and his brother hunted when they were young. I sketched some of those, too - but this was my favorite. Maybe I'll show the others another day. There used to be two boars that were mounted over the entry to the den, but one of our dogs would freak out every time it walked in the room and run back and forth between the dining room and the den, trying to find the back end to the boar. They had to take them down.

They watch over us as we play and laugh and talk and share. The boys ask over and over again where they came from and who got it and how old their daddy was when it happened.

This one is my favorite. I had no idea sailfish had polka dots. What fun.

Even more fun - I have to share this little journaling moment by my youngest son, J. I carry a Moleskine cahier journal in my purse for the boys to sketch in or whatever - especially for during church when they get a little antsy. This is J's entry for the day. (you may remember the same sentiment here. He's on a roll.) By the way - you have to read phonetically. He's just 6, you no.