Saturday, December 01, 2007


029, originally uploaded by diahn.

So, NaBloPoMo is over, and I can't stop posting. I woke up this morning thinking, "Gee, what shall I post about today," then realized that it was no longer November and, well - what the heck, I'll just keep it daily as long as I can, posting for the sheer love of it.

Speaking of LOVE - I LOVE Christmas. Linda and I were just talking the other day about loving Christmas. I love everything about it - the ornaments, the tree, the garland, baking cookies, parades, presents and the unrelenting scarfing of chocolates. I also love thise ridiculously pink ornaments, which I do believe I blogged a sketch of last year.

I also love having a goal and a deadline, which has worked miracles for me in November in many many ways. SO - I have a goal for December. Every day in December, I'm going to draw one of my ornaments or other Christmas-y goodies. So - don't change this Christmas-channel - The MyDecOrnaMo project has begun...I'll be back later with Drawing Numero Uno...