Saturday, November 17, 2007



It's Saturday, and I'm cleaning out my "studio." I call it a studio because it sounds nicer than "the extra bedroom where I throw all the crap I find on the dining room table until I can figure out a better place to put it or just chuck it out the window. Oh, and my easel is in there." Good Lord.

I'm like a bulemic when it comes to housekeeping. I keep every little scrap of paper and half-crayons and the entire sheet of stickers that has one lone sticker left sitting in the corner. Then, usually without warning, I wake up one day and purge all that out of the space. Why I can't just do it on a daily basis really astounds and baffles me. No - I wait until the worktable is piled so high with paper and glue and broken toys that the boys bring me to fix that I make one wrong move and the whole thing comes tumbling down on me.

I love to look at those home organization magazines with the perfectly organized home office/classroom/craft area/art studio/surgical theater and wonder why I can't create that. Then I flip to the back and the "resources" section and realize it would cost me $50,000 to install all the custom cabinetry. Ahhh...


This photo has absolutely nothing to do with all that. Sorry. But it does kind of remind me of wheat or hops or something and I sure could use a frosty I need to keep organizing.