Thursday, November 08, 2007

You've Got Mail


Were you ever a pen pal when you were a kid? Do you remember the excitement of getting a card or a letter in the mail? My grandmother used to write me little notes or send cards and I would literally jump up and down with excitement when my mom told me I had one. It didn't matter what was inside, although that was special was the event that was exciting. Someone cared enough to write my name on the outside of an envelope and stick a stamp on it and mail it off to me. And if it happened to be a box instead of an envelope...whoa...over the moon, I'll tell ya.

My kids are like that now. I love when the mail truck drops off a package from their Nanny and Pop-pop. They squeal at the door - "It's for us!!!! Mom...what is it...can we open it...nowmomnowholycowwhatisitwhoisitfrom?" What is it about the mail that excites us so much?

I still get pumped up about receiving mail. I even get excited when something I've ordered shows up. It's not a surprise. I PAID for it. But that FedEx truck rolls to the curb and the man in blue steps out with a little perfect package just for ME! WooHoo!!! Internet shopping was made for people like me. I don't get nearly this excited when I purchase something in a store and it gets shoved in a bag and I carry it home myself. There is something holy and pure about the package that arrives at your door, lovingly delivered by UPS or DHL or USPS or carrier pigeon. Bubble wrap and cellophane protect it from damage. There's usually a note that tells me how MUCH my order was appreciated and to PLEASE visit again soon.

I've got two orders out there right now.

I think I just heard a truck.

Gotta run. ;)