Friday, November 09, 2007

Vanity...thy name is Diahn

Fall Break Trip 039, originally uploaded by diahn.

About 3 weeks ago I had an appointment with an orthodontist. He took molds of my teeth to make a plaster model; he took pictures with my lips all stretched back, etc. Not exactly a self-esteem building experience.

Yesterday I went back for the consultation, where I got to look, up close and personal, at my crooked teeth. Man. Okay - here's the deal. I'm 39 years old. I've had these crooked teeth most of my life. I never had the luxury of orthodonture as a child - my family wasn't poor, exactly, we just didn't have alot of extras. I also have very poor vision, so new glasses and contacts were the priority, not a little misalignment of the front teeth.

Mind you - they aren't grossly crooked. Other people have told me that they never noticed they were crooked at all. I notice, though. And not long ago, my oldest son, D, said "Hey, mom. You should get braces like Ashlyn's mom." So my kids notice. My husband says I'm beautiful no matter what my teeth look like, but that if I want them, get them. And he really means it.

But, they've always bothered me. Not on a huge level, but they bother me more than my bloggy bottom or the various patches of cellulite on way too many parts of my body, so I think I'll get them fixed. I think. I find that having wanted to do this for so many years, I am really struggling with commitment. It will take 2 years, a bunch of money and a bit of pain and discomfort, all for the sake of a pretty smile.

A pretty smile...

I love to smile.

You'll just have to call me metal-mouth, I guess.