Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ho Ho HO

Hurdles 011

My husband and I are going Christmas shopping this evening. I'm really not sure what to get the boys. They have so many toys - an entire closet full, really - what else do they need? Especially when they create such wonderful games from their imagination. Maybe I should get them more pillows, or an actual hurdle to jump over.

They set this up the other night, about an hour before bedtime. Then, they spent the next hour running and flinging themselves over the obstacle. Seriously - an hour. By the end of it, D had sweat running down the sides of his bright red face and he and little bro were cackling with laughter. Why don't they throw this much energy into cleaning their room? I guess it's not as much fun.

I love watching them do this - come up with an idea, make it happen and then throw themselves into the enjoyment of it. Sure, they knocked over pillows and tripped and stumbled, but an hour later they had perfected their Olympic style leaps and they went to bed satisfied with what they had accomplished.

Sometimes, I wonder who is learning and who is teaching here...