Tuesday, November 20, 2007



I woke up this morning, having had REALLY strange dreams last night where I was juggling about 6 different doctor apointments for myself, all within about a 3 hour time period, and getting more and more frantic as the deadline approached.

The night before I dreamed about snakes. I kept finding them in the house of a friend - they were hiding in the plants and slithering across the floor. I found one entire aquarium, covered by brown paper. It was on wheels and when I rolled it out and pulled off the paper, there was a large constrictor and a king cobra inside. The top was loose, so I decided to try and fix it. The cobra stuck his head out of the top and bit me on the hand. That's when I woke up.

What does all this have to do with the photo and title? NOTHING. I just felt like I needed to share - get it off my chest - release it into the ether. Thanks for listening.

Anyhow - back to victory! I love how kids celebrate a win. They go all out - yelling and shouting, whooping and hollering - arms raised up high in the air and faces full of absolute joy. I should point out that the celebration in the picture is in response to an imaginary victory - "Tony Stewart" up there in his #20 Home Depot car...umm...Big Wheel...just defeated a whole host of other "cars" including his arch-nemesis, "Jeff Gordon", also known as big brother D.

How often do we grown-ups do this? How often do we take such great delight in a completely insignificant thing that just made us feel good today? Not often enough, I'd say - at least in my case. Woo HOOO - I cleaned up my studio and now I can see the floor and actually work at the desk and reach my sewing machine where maybe I'll finally finish the cute glove doggie thing I'm making for my niece and the blue jean quilt I started 6 years ago!! *happy dance, happy dance* OH MY GOSH - there's a quarter-full bag of Kisses there on the corner of my desk - I can eat some chocolate later! *joy joy joy joy*.

There are 10 days left in this month. Let's all see how many completely wonderful, insignificant and beautiful victories we can find. If you need to do your victory dance in private, we'll understand...