Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Quit yer Beachin.

March BC 2

Another blindish contour drawing.  Longing for warmer days.  We booked a house in the Outer Banks for a week in July, and I couldn't be more ready for July to get here than I am at this moment.  My feet are freezing, my nose is cold and I just want to go sit on a sunny patch of sand and watch the waves roll in.


Anyhow - I was going to draw tonight, but so far haven't managed it thanks to my cousin, Martha.  She's a second cousin, and technically I've never met her, but I connected with her on Facebook and it turns out that she's into genealogy and she hooked me up with some interesting information on my Drummond ancestry.  Oh yeah.  Gang warily, my friends.  Gang warily.  (That's the Drummond motto, which apparently means "Go Carefully," and serves as both caution to the clan and to those that wish to do them harm.  Drummonds are evidently quite mean.) 

My mama's a Drummond.

Uhm.  She's nice.  Ahem.

Carrying on.  The first of our particular line of Drummonds to set foot onto these hallowed shores was none other than Governor William Drummond, who aligned himself with Nathaniel Bacon in 1676 in what came to be known as "Bacon's Rebellion," an attempt to break free of the colonial government.  Seems he was 100 years too early, and Governor William Drummond also became the first of our line to be hanged in these United States, in 1677.

I believe he's also the only known Drummond whose death can be directly traced back to Bacon.