Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's Just a Bug

Yesterday, the bugs started their week of standardized achievement testing - that yearly endeavor that seeks to place all the children in the world snugly under a bell-shaped curve, so they can't wriggle away.  This is the first year that we've home schooled full-time, and I'm interested to see where they fall along that curve this year, as opposed to previous years.

When I picked them up from school, we stopped in at the grocery to pick up something for dinner.  They voted for tacos, and Doodlebug said he'd do the whole thing - shopping AND cooking.  I pushed the buggy, while the boys wracked their brains to remember what all we need when we make tacos.  We didn't make a list - they just worked it out, ticking the items off on their fingers. 

I don't think they forgot one thing.  I had to help direct them to the place in the store you go to get tortillas or ground beef, but they handled everything else, including swiping everything across the UPC code reader at the U-Scan register.

I did have to pay, although Doodle swiped the card and entered my PIN, which he's memorized having seen me use it.

Remind me to change that number.

They carried the groceries to the car, and then into the house when we got here and put them away.


Doodlebug cooks the meat Junebug and the beans

They were the best tacos I've ever eaten.

I wonder if this will be on the test?