Monday, March 02, 2009

All Hyped Up on Melinda

This title has nothing to do with the post.  Well.  Except for this part that I'm about to tell you.  Okay - ignore that first sentence. 

So.  On Saturday night, my phone rang at about 9 pm and YAY, it was Melinda.  We don't talk as much as we would like (dang families) and we certainly don't see each other nearly enough (dang 1200 miles), so when we finally connect on the phone, it's a marathon phone call.

At 1 am, as we were finally hanging up, she told me to go to bed and I laughed and said, I'm all hyped up on Melinda, right now - I'll never get to sleep.  She thought that was funny in a weird way, and dared me to make that the title of my next blog post.

And there you have it.

Moving on...

I've been so excited that the end of February was coming - that March was just around the corner - that next weekend, Daylight Savings Time would go into effect and lift the darkness. 

And because Winter mocks me and despises me, I present to you...

Eight inches, people.

Gate SnowyJ SnowyD

It was one of those particularly dry snows, and so as hard as they tried, they just couldn't make much of a snowman. Somehow, they managed this snow-lamb, though.


The snow did mean that I had plenty of time to play around with some blind contour drawings, part of my plan to just draw in March.  I started with a portrait of Valri - a buddy from Wet Canvas.  Of course, this looks nothing like her.  My plan is to do one a day and post them.  And yes, I realize today is March 2 and so I'm already behind, although technically I've drawn 2, I'm just behind on posting them, okay? 


March BC 1