Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Cardinal Sin of Cardinals


Vanity, of course.  (Or hubris, or pride - call it what you want.)  Have you listened to the one outside YOUR window?  Always talking about how pretty he is?  Purdypurdypurdy.  Yeah.  We get it.  You're pretty.  Now be quiet so I can go back to sleep.

This is less of a blind contour, and more of an extremely near-sighted contour drawing.  At some points, I didn't look at my sketchbook at all, while in others, I followed my pen more carefully.  I am enjoying these birdies, and have a few more planned for my evenings.  I was playing around with the crow in Adobe Illustrator yesterday and added a few random color bits.  THAT is fun.


Last night, as I was filling in the thought bubble on the cardinal drawing with little spiral snail-like shapes, I found myself entering a completely Zen state.  What is it about carefree drawing - that is, drawing for no other reason than you feel like it - that is so relaxing? 

I don't know either. 

But it is.