Monday, March 30, 2009


This is happening in DC even as we speak...


I took this picture about a week and a half ago on the Potomac River, across from the FDR Memorial.  It was the only one blooming in the area - at least 10 days too early.  Bloom watch forecasts the peak bloom period to be between April 1 and April 4.

You want to know the funny part?

I'm in Knoxville.

The boys are required by the school under which we homeschool to take the SAT every year, and this is their week.  (Have I ever mentioned my feelings about standardized, normalized, institutionalized testing?)


We're heading back up on April 4, and by golly, we'll be heading straight for the Tidal Basin.  The luggage can stay in the freaking car. 

Are you kidding me?