Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Little Chickadees

My Little Chickadee

I just can't tell you how much fun this little fella was to draw.  I could have hatched and cross-hatched all day long.  Somehow, I managed to cut his little tail off while I was scanning it, but I assure you he's just fine in the sketchbook itself.

I appreciate all your comments on my paper birds.  I'm going to be looking for some frames this weekend, and once I get them framed up and hanging, I'll photograph them as a group.  I've got plans for a few more, so I'll wait till I have them all done before I take a group shot.


Yesterday was one of those wonderful days where everything about the weather was exactly perfect.  We'd had a weekend and a Monday and Tuesday that were wet and dreary, but the stars aligned and brought us 68 degrees and clear skies yesterday.  The boys and I walked to the library and picked up some new books, then headed to the park to enjoy the sunshine.  Junebug scored a goal on the basketball court - his first ever on a full-sized hoop.  Much rejoicing was had by all three of us.  There's nothing sweeter than watching brothers celebrate each other's victories and encourage each other through trials.  It's enough to melt this girl's heart, I'll tell ya.

On Tuesday, I took the boys to the eye doctor for their annual check ups.  Doodle has perfect vision, but would LOVE glasses.  Juney got the raw end of the eyeball genes (that would be the ones from me) and suffers a bit of nearsightedness.  He's had glasses for a while, but it is always a struggle to get him to wear them and lately, even when he has them on, he squints.  He'll be getting new glasses now - twice as strong as the last pair, and he has to wear them pretty much constantly.

As he was picking out new frames, it was so sweet to watch him show them to me, then to Doodle to get his opinion.  He finally picked the ones that Doodle deemed "cool."  Even the eyeglass technician lady was moved by it. 


I'd like to bottle it up and pour it in my coffee.