Wednesday, December 19, 2007


This month has more than halfway slipped away - packing so much in a short period of time must be detrimental to ones health. I've hardly blinked and suddenly we're less than a week to Christmas. How does that happen? Even in trying to capture each day in my sketchbook, I've fallen behind and caught up and fallen behind and forgotten. Why do we do this to ourselves every year? I LOVE Christmas, but I hate the busy-ness of the Holiday Season.

Or I could just be cranky because I let someone yank my teeth out.

On Monday, the tooth behind my extraction had a filling crack and fall out, so I spent yesterday at the dentist getting a temporary filling, which promptly fell out again 5 hours later. So...guess what I did today? Yep - back again, this time with different material that will (with fingers crossed) hang on until I can go back for a permanent replacement filling. After I had my teeth extracted, I had a dream that all my other teeth fell out.


Okay - on to the sketches. I'm playing catch up here, and please forgive me if teeth completely gross you out or anything - I really did draw them - they're very interesting.


The first sketch is of a glass reindeer ornament that my dear friend Maynelle gave to me. It's one of those that if I had another (pretty white retro-type) tree, I would give it a place of honor upon it. The second sketch is pretty self explanatory, except to say that the teeth on the top should only have two roots each and one of them had THREE. Yeah - I'm just that cool. (By the way - the teeth I've drawn on the top are actually my bottom teeth, and teeth on the top are my bottom teeth. But I did draw them facing the correct way...)


On the left was SUPPOSED to be a drawing of a silver reindeer candle holder, with all it's pretty reflections. Ummm. Well. We'll just blame it on the pain meds.

On the right is Chico, curled up in my lap, which technically isn't a Christmas decoration, it's a living, breathing, ornery chihuahua, but we were watching a Christmas movie while I drew him, and he does kind of look like the Grinch's dog Max, although he acts more like the Grinch.


And lastly, at least for now, is the two-headed chicken. This stuffed toy used to hang from a cross piece on D's play blanket when he was an infant. He would stare at it, and try to grab it and coo and all those cute things babies do when they are tiny. The thing is, he didn't react to the other dangly toys on the play mat - just this one, which I dubbed "The Two-Headed Chicken" way back when. So, when it came time to put away the playmat, after J had used it, too, I just couldn't part with the two-headed chicken.

So. Naturally. I hung it on the Christmas tree.

There ya go.