Friday, December 07, 2007

Only 18 Drawing Days Left...

I finished my yesterday drawing this morning and then I did my today drawing today, too. As a result, neither are terribly good. But - I did them, and that is the goal of the month, now isn't it?

I drew the Mary figurine from our Nativity scene. It's funny - when I was a kid, I wanted our family to be Catholic. We were members of a large, well known, denomination, but it seemed that most of my friends were Catholic. I just loved to visit church with them - it was all so mystical and liturgical and pretty. My church didn't have carvings and paintings and altar pieces and incense - it had burgandy carpet and a really badly painted mural behind the baptistry that was supposed to represent the Jordan River, I suspect. I didn't make me want to visit the Holy Land.

I loved the idea of confession and repentance and penance, too. My church really didn't want to know you had ever sinned, and they didn't seem to have an insurance policy if you did. I wanted a priest, by golly. And a rosary.

ANYhow - I drew Mary, although I kind of think she looks like a cross between Mary and the Buddha. I used my Lamy Vista fountain pen, and just smudged the ink with a waterbrush.


Today's drawing is of a couple of keychains that Ron and I bought in Berlin. We had been in Germany for about 10 days, and were flying out the next morning, so we thought we'd go in search of an ornament as a souvenir. Yes, it was June, but come on - you should be able to find an SOUVENIR ornament! Well, we couldn't, even after going in every single shop that we could spot - I even looked for a Checkpoint Charlie ornament, but no such luck. Finally, we found these little keychains that were shaped like the crossing lights in what was East Berlin. I thought it was so strange that the lights were so happy in East Berlin, when the architecture was so dismal. Strange. Anyway - they hang on our tree instead of a proper ornament, but we love them anyway...

Christmas 026

This photo is just for fun - I made this ornament (and a few others that hang on my tree) when I was in Kindergarten. I can still remember sitting at the kitchen table and painting them while my mom puttered in the kitchen. I still try to make at least one ornament a year, almost 35 years later. We'll be putting the finishing touches on this year's tomorrow, so Daddy can help.