Monday, December 03, 2007

Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse, originally uploaded by diahn.

This ornament represents the start of my obsession with Christmas ornaments. I bought it at a school craft fair when I was in the sixth grade, with money I had saved from babysitting neighbor kids. I don't even know what it is made of - it's light but rigid and painted with a silver metallic paint.

I still remember picking it out at the little store they had set up. I think I was supposed to be buying something for my brother and sister...

The obsession continues to this day - I love Christmas ornaments and decorations and lights husband has cut me off this year. I actually NEED a new tree - I can't fit all my ornaments on the one we have. I NEED one just for my blown glass ornaments. Come on - you understand, don't you?

I can stop anytime I want...