Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!


We're continuing our decorating frenzy - cutting and pasting and molding and painting... The boys and I made these "snowflakes" last week with different lengths of paper and some staples. I hung them up on the entry way chandelier and voila! Instant mobile. When they came home from school and walked in, they both went, "! Mom - how did you get them up there?" That secret remains mine, lest they decide to hang up some poor playmobil pirate as punishment someday.

We watched "Rudoph's Shiny New Year," last night - a poor substitute for the original, but better than no Christmas programming at all. I decided I should draw Rudolph in my Moleskine while we watched.


The boys and I also started making new ornaments out of air dry clay, but they aren't dry yet, so we haven't been able to paint them. As soon as they are painted and dry, I'll take photos - we rolled the clay out like cookie dough and used Christmas cookie cutters to stamp out the shapes. Then the boys decided to use some of my old scrapbooking letter stamps to add our initials to all of them. They should be very fun when they are finished. And then maybe I can get my new tree...a pretty white one that will let my blown glass ornaments sparkle...


In the meantime - here's a drawing of my favorite Christmas napkin rings. I got them at Target a couple of years ago in their dollar bins, but I think they are SO cute!!

Napkin Rings