Saturday, December 01, 2007

D's Ornament

D's Ornament, originally uploaded by diahn.

This is a little metal froggie ornament that I got at Target. Every year when I was growing up, my mom would buy us an ornament and put our name and the year on it somewhere. When we grew up and moved out of the house, she gave us all those ornaments for our own trees. I'm doing the same for my boys.

This one is the ornament that I bought for D for 2007. It's fly is on a spring mount, so it jiggles back and forth - I just loved the little bug-eyed expression on it. Why a frog for Christmas? Heck, I don't know - why not? It doesn't have to make sense, does it? It's kind of quirky - he's kind of quirky - it all fits together somehow...

Oh - and does anyone know of any good handwriting books (not calligraphy)? I really need to do something with mine - it's a bit middle schoolish, I think...