Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Marx was a Moron

I'm exhausted.

It's been a long day.

A good day, but long. Nothing traumatic - nothing chaotic - nothing profound. Just full and active and busy and, well...

You know how it goes.


We were in DC on Saturday, when the Tea Party Movement marched on Washington. And you know what - I was proud.

It doesn't matter one lick what your politics are - the fact that these people, thousands and thousands and thousands of them - were able to march, incident free, for what they believe in, is a beautiful thing.

There was little police presence - and really they were just there to make sure traffic didn't get too bogged down. There were few hecklers. People stopped and watched and read their signs and took photographs, but there was no ugliness that I saw - where I was - about halfway along their route.

The boys were curious about all these people, walking quietly with their signs held high. I tried to explain to them, about taxes and healthcare and government and party politics, but it sailed clean over their sweet little heads.

Finally I told them that it doesn't matter what it is about - not really - what matters is that you are watching people pick up their constitution - exercising their right to free speech, and doing so in a calm and peaceable manner. What makes it so wonderful to witness is not necessarily what they are saying, but the fact that they are able to say it without fear of repercussion - without fear of a police state - without fear of reprisal.