Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Berried in Paperwork


A new ACEO in the shop!

I'm getting ready to start school here at Ottwork Academy, and the paperwork is piled high on my combination art desk/school desk. It's a mess.

In fact, it's so much of a mess that I walked upstairs, took one look, and considered public school for a moment.

Then I had a vision of a day without my monkeys and I curled up in a ball on the couch and cried the rest of the day.

Okay. That's just a big fat lie. It was only for 10 minutes, and I'm not flexible enough to curl up in a ball.


And HEY - this is exciting. I'm now a contributor to a lovely bloggy project called Lens.Us.Together . It's hosted by Char, and is a weekly themed photography blog. Go have a look, put it on your blogroll, make it your friend - there are some really talented photographers in the group - you may even recognize a few of them! Thanks for letting me play, Char!