Monday, September 21, 2009

Pollin' Pollin' Pollin'

The new poll is in the sidebar, and here are the candidates for the week...

The rules are simple - vote in the poll, then come back to this post and leave a comment.

There's one catch, though.

Just so we don't get bored here in Ottworkville, I'd like for you to comment in this format:

I have always wanted to be a _________________, because then I could______________ .

Please keep your answers suitable for the under 10 set - you never know when a kid is going to lean over my shoulder and read a bit...

For example - I have always wanted to be a monkey, because then I could fold clothes with my feet, and paint with my hands, while hanging in a mango tree from my prehensile tail.

That's it - I'm only going to accept entries for comments in that format - so be creative and have a little fun with it!

You have until Thursday night at 10 pm eastern to vote and comment! The winner of the poll goes into the shop as a print, the random number generator picks two fabulous commenters to receive a print and all is right with the world.