Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Willie Nelson is Riding Shotgun

Georgetown Rowhouse print

I carved this block a week or so ago, and used some sort of stamping ink I had lying around to test it out on copy paper.  I based it on the drawing I did of a row house in Georgetown last month.  I'm thinking of doing a series of them, as block prints, in analogous colors.

I'm at stop two in the great road trip of 2009, sitting on my in-laws' couch, being waited on hand and foot while my children completely ignore me.  I love this place.

Willie and I are heading out tomorrow, bright and early for the last leg of the trip, which includes an early morning breakfast with my folks, who live just down the road from here.  From there, I'll make my way to the burg where I grew up - that same town I left as soon as I could legally manage it, at the tender age of 17.  I'll revisit some old haunts, avoid a few others, and discover some new places.  In the meantime, I'm going to have SIX WHOLE HOURS OF ME AND WILLIE NELSON ON MY IPOD. 



I have other music, too.

But seriously.  Six hours of uninterrupted nobody but me in my immediate vicinity.