Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cheesy Chihuahua. Now with Extra Fat!


Do you have any idea how hard it is to draw a muy gordo chihuahua that has wiggled his way under your leg on the couch?  It ain't no siesta, amigos. 

This dog. 

Is fat.

We can't really figure out why.  He eats about 3/4 cup of food a day - the minimum recommended, and even then, he doesn't always finish it all.  He doesn't get enough exercise, that's for sure, but neither does Oscar, and he's a lean, mean, shedding machine. 

Chico is just an old fat guy.  Excuse me.  And old fat GRUMPY guy who snarls at children. 

We went to a park nearby on Sunday, and all the little children wanted to pet the cute little fat dog and the pretty sleek big dog.  Oscar stuck out his butt and let everyone scratch it, tongue lolling about and grinning at all the cute babies.  Before we left, people were walking by, calling him by name and promising to bring him dog biscuits and toys, pointing him out to other people in the park like a doggy celebrity.  "Have you met Oscar?  Oscar is great!  Such a happy dog.  Too bad about that other one!"

Chico sat under the bench, between my feet, and growled at everyone while I explained to the littles that Chico is a mean, mean, nasty Chihuahua.  Please don't touch the mean dog.  He's mean.  And mean.

Strangely enough, he's actually mellowed a lot since we got him.  He used to snarl at the boys, too, but 5 years later, he's finally decided they might be okay.  Maybe.  As long as they don't touch him.

Or look at him.

But we keep him around anyway.  He's an excellent foot warmer in the winter - especially when we are camping.  He can stand on his hind legs and box his front paws like a circus dog.  He can snatch a chocolate bar wrapper off a side table before you can say lickety-split.  He's fiercely loyal and always on guard against delivery men and the mail carrier.

Plus, when you need a little entertainment, you can flip him on his back like a turtle and watch him flail.

That's just good, clean fun right there.