Friday, May 08, 2009



I needed to draw something different - something to take the sweetness out of all the flowers I've been drawing lately, and this little carnivore fit the bill perfectly. I just love me some dinosaur bones, I'll tell ya.

This guy (or gal) is an Allosaurus, from a photo I took at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. The Allosaurus is quite a bit smaller than the T. Rex that everyone is familiar with, but seems so much better designed to me.  

And scarier.


Speaking of scary. All the rain over the last week has finally tapered off, but not before it decided to enter the basement of our townhouse. We had the heaviest rain on Wednesday night, and Thursday morning, Junebug walked upstairs and said, "Hey, Mama, why is the carpet all wet in front of the laundry room?"


A quick call to our landlady (don't you love to call people with bad news first thing in the morning?) and all the logistics of the mess were taken care of (Thank you!) - estimates to rip out the carpet padding and set up de-humidifiers, inspection from a waterproofing company, etc. Today, the carpet people will come and get the water all gone.

The good news is that today is sunny and warm.

The bad news is that the rain is on the way back tonight and tomorrow.