Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Petal to the Metal

Tulip in Red

I broke out the gouache yesterday. It's been awhile, and I forgot how velvety it is on hot press paper. So, um, tulip-y...


Funny story...the boys and I went to the store today, and on the way back, they were in the back talking and cutting up and Doodlebug said something, I can't even remember what, exactly, but it had the phrase "thin, but..." in it. Junebug started laughing, "Thin Butt! Ha! Thin Butt!"  

Because nothing is funnier than butts when you are a 7 year old boy.

Doodlebug didn't get it, because he was just thinking "but" not "butt." Subtle, I know, but he's a little more literal, you see.

So. I'm trying to help him get the joke. "He's saying, 'Thin BUTT,' honey. You know...'Thin BUTT. As in, "Wow, Mama has a thin butt."

Junebug pipes up, "You don't have a thin butt, Mama!"

.....(chirp. chirp.)

Me: "Excuse me?"


Him: "Uhm. You have a PERFECT bottom!"


Suck up.

I love that.