Monday, May 18, 2009

Sky High

The Thunderbirds - F16 Falcon

On Saturday, we headed out to the Joint Service Open House Air Show at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. That's the base where they house Air Force One, and while we didn't see the President's plane, we did see the hangar in which it is housed. From a distance. Pretty cool.

The day started out dreary and drizzly, and to be honest - I didn't even want to go. I love air planes - my dad was a pilot and I grew up running around airplane hangars, BUT it was RAINING. I figured the fun stuff would be cancelled and we'd have wasted most of a morning of the day before I started my big trip. GREAT attitude, no?

So - we went anyway, with an umbrella instead of hats and sunscreen. I took one of the boys' nice point and shoot cameras instead of my big DSLR, because there wouldn't be anything worth seeing, right?


The clouds parted, the sun shone strongly upon our bare heads and we fried a little, until we spent a little cash on new hats and I put up my umbrella. All the scheduled attractions flew, including the amazing Thunderbirds, and an F/A 18 that went just an eensy bit supersonic right in front of us.

Which was way freaking cool.

It was one of those days where I was absolutely glad to have been wrong about going. Amazing, awe-inspiring, absolutely fantastic.

Here's a little slide show for you...great pictures, despite the teeny camera.

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