Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother, May I?


What a lovely Mothers Day I had.  Is it Mother's Day or Mothers Day or Mothers' Day?  I never can figure it out.  And really...who cares.  It's all about the Mamas, no?

Dr. SmartyPants cooked me a lovely breakfast, and my boys cuddled up with me on the sofa and one of them even remembered to say "Happy Mothers Day" without prompting.  The other doesn't wake up quite so well and needed a reminder, but he quickly jumped into my lap and snuggled in and mumbled "Hphmuhday," and that worked just fine.

We spent the day quietly.  We walked the pups to one park and let the boys play there while Oscar was loved on by everyone that passed by and Chico growled from under the park bench.  We walked to another park and sat in the shade while the bugs played Joe and Frank Hardy and solved a few thousand mysteries.  We went home and mowed the grass and pulled a few weeds from the garden.  Doodlebug got to try his hand at mowing for the first time and did a great job (with the Smarty trailing him, holding the power cord).

I sat in the back yard and drew this iris that was blooming by the gate and soaked in the sunshine.

We all sat at the patio table and ate popcorn and read our respective books.

We watched a "Naked Science" episode about the earth's crust while we ate our spaghetti.  Mama's choice.  'Cause I'm geeky that way.

We laughed and we hugged and we rested and we loved.

It's hard to imagine that life could get any better than this.